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Data Protection

Data Protection, Data Backup and Offsite Media Storage

As one of the leaders in the data backup protection industry, Recall provides comprehensive solutions to customers looking to free up resources, meet recovery point and time objectives and/or store invaluable media in our highly secure, temperature-controlled vaults or provide backup storage via the cloud. Regardless of your needs, Recall provides you with a custom tailored Data Backup and Recovery Protection Program to not just meet, but exceed the needs of your business.

Cloud server backup that’s secure, reliable and built for recovery.

Server backup and recovery services that securely, reliably, and efficiently protect data enterprisewide.

Recall provides a flexible range of services from pure cloud to hybrid cloud solutions that protect mission-critical data and business systems, lets you simply manage complex, distributed environments via a central web-based console, and seamlessly connect to cloud storage.

Secure Backup Tape Storage from Recall

Recall have been providing Off Site Storage Services for server backup tape for over 30 years. Providing secure storage of magnetic media such as LTO tapes, DLT tapes, hard drives,video and film.

We utilise state-of-the-art information centres and environmentally controlled vaults that provide the perfect conditions for the storage of magnetic media, hard drives, film and video.

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